Turnaround - New Base Found

Today, the Banca d'Italia published new information about the Italian economy. 


The indicators for growth and inflation look solid although not enthusiastic. The consumer climate and the consumer sentiment point well into the positive area. The exports are increasing. What's more, the competitiveness of Italy has improved further. 


And also the data for the property sector look good: Pls see the chart above. Prices (red) seem to have found a solid base in the last year and the number of transactions (blue) have concluded the turnaround and are increasing. 


Combined with the outlook for continued low interest rates, almost no inflation and a GDP growth in the region of 1 1/2% - as the consensus projections show - this point to a continued improvement of the property market. Not to forget - a very good time for the acquisition of property. Very attractive offers can be found on this website!!